Tattoo Care

Your tattoo is a work of art that deserves dedicated protection. Here are some tips from celebrity tattoo artist Louis Molloy on how best to care for your new tattoo.


  • Clothing


    Do wear loose cotton clothing.

  • Warning Signs

    Warning Signs

    Do consult your GP or Tattoo Artist if you experience signs of infection or irritation.

  • Hygiene


    Always ensure you have clean hands before touching your new tattoo or applying Forever Ink Balm.

  • Skin Allergies

    Skin Allergies

    Do consult your GP before having a tattoo if you have any skin allergies.


  • Exercise


    Don't exercise heavily whilst your tattooed skin is recovering.

  • Sunlight / Tanning

    Sunlight / Tanning

    Don't use tanning beds and avoid sun bathing whilst your tattoed skin is recovering.

  • Cosmetics


    Don't apply any cosmetics apart from Forever Ink Balm to the tattooed area whilst the skin is recovering.

  • Scratch or Pick

    Scratch or Pick

    While your tattooed skin is recovering is may form a light scab - this is part of the healing process and you should not scratch or pick at it.

The content within this Website is for general information purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, the information is designed as a guide and does not replace seeking medical assistance and advice, should you be concerned about any part of the tattoo aftercare process.